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1972 ? Buhman Family at Seven Dolors Church1972-03 Girls Day out1972-05 ? Harold, Lue and Laura?1976 ? Harold and Lue Anniversary?1976 ? Harold, Lue and Emma Buhman1977 ? Lue, Harold, Steve, Anita, Roger, Jerome1978? Buhman Girls1981? Grandkids on the Couch1982-06 Harold and Lue Buhman Family1983 ? Cindy, Linda and Lue1986 ? Sabine and Buhman Family1987-07-19 ? Lue's 65th - Harold, Lue, Les and Mary1987-07-19 ? Lue's 65th - Lue and the grils1987-07-19 Lue's 65th - Lue, Jo Ellen ? and Hailey Jo ?1987-07-19 Lue's 65th1987-07-19 Mom's 65th Birthday with the Ferns1987-07-19-01 Mom at 65 with her Grandkids1987-07-19-02_Mom's 65th - Joe and Vi Ferns1987-07-19-03_Mom's 65th - Sister Helen Hasler1987-07-19-04_Mom's 65th - All the Family